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Head Gasket Replacement in Stockton, CA

Welcome to the premier Stockton auto repair shop - Toole’s Garage. We provide full range of automotive services and repairs including head gasket replacement.

Head gasket problems are some of the more serious engine problems, but head gasket replacement can get your car back on the road.  Blown head gasket requires major car surgery – it should be performed by seasoned professionals with extensive auto repair experience. Our nationally ASE certified technicians possess both the skills and the experience to fix a blown head gasket and to get your vehicle back to its former glory.

Symptoms of a blown head gasket or head gasket problem:

If your car exhibits any of these symptoms, get it to a trusted mechanic without delay:

  • Smell of Sulfur from the coolant reservoir is one symptom
  • White exhaust coming out of the tailpipe – usually a sign of a blown head gasket.
  • Overheating engine during a prolonged drive.
  • Engine misfire might be a sign of a blown head gasket as well.

Head Gasket Replacement:

First we need to diagnose the problem. Our technicians are highly skilled at diagnosing and repair head gasket problems. Before we embark on head gasket replacement, we will make sure that it truly is necessary.

Second step is the removal of the engine from the vehicle. Afterwards our technicians disassemble the engine and inspect if for damage. Depending on the damage, additional repairs may be needed, not just head gasket replacement.

Next step is cleaning of metal surfaces, and preparing them so the new head gasket can be installed, and the heads resealed. If there are other damaged or worn out parts, at this step they would get replaced as well.  BTW: if your vehicle is due for timing belt replacement, drive belt or clutch replacement, it can be done at the same time with minimal labor cost, so be sure to let us know.

Next step is engine reassembly and testing. We put the engine back together, reconnect the power train, turn it on, and make sure that everything is working as expected. The final check is a road test – we take your vehicle for a test drive to make sure that everything works right under real world driving conditions.

All services and repairs performed at Toole’s Garage Stockton auto repair facility are covered by our industry leading 3 year / 36,000 mile nationwide warranty. You can also expect:

  • Free digital vehicle inspection with service or repair
  • Original Equipment Sourced/Supplier or better quality parts
  • Military discounts
  • Free local Uber/Lyft ride
  • Nationally ASE certified technicians working on your car

So if your vehicle is exhibiting symptoms of a blown head gasket, or you have any concerns about your vehicle’s overall health, call Toole’s Garage Stockton, we can setup an appointment right away. 

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