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Power Steering Fluid Change in Stockton

Power Steering Fluid Change in Stockton, CA - Toole's Garage Stockton

Among the hundreds of automotive services and repairs we provide at Toole’s Garage in Stockton, you will find a full gamut of automotive fluid changes, including power steering fluid change. Power steering allows us to easily control vehicles that weigh thousands of pounds. Power steering fluid change (aka power steering fluid flush) will keep all this fine machinery in proper working order.

At Toole’s Garage Stockton we defer to the manufacturer recommendations when it comes to the frequency of power steering fluid change. However, there are times when leaks or condition of the fluid necessitate power steering fluid replacement outside of normal intervals specified in your owner’s manual.

Here are some of the rules of thumb we use:

  • If your vehicle has been driven 100,000 miles since the last power steering fluid change – it’s time for one.
  • If you experience steering difficulties, stiff steering wheel, it’s time to get your vehicle inspected by a professional - and the inspection may indicate need for power steering fluid replacement.
  • When you turn the steering wheel, and you hear a loud noise, or a whining noise, this usually indicates that the power steering fluid level is low, or that it is contaminated – it’s time to have it replaced.
  • If you suspect power steering fluid leak – low levels of power steering fluid can result in power steering fluid pump damage.

So what is the reason for power steering fluid change?

Typically we change power steering fluid because it’s contaminated. Whether it’s because it has been in use for a very long time, or because there is a power steering fluid leak, and a smaller volume of the fluid had to do extra duty, it will eventually get contaminated. The contaminants come from the normal wear-and-tear of the power steering system. The fluid picks up grime, bits and pieces of metal and plastic that come from natural deterioration of materials used to make the power steering fluid pump and the power steering system. Over time, all these little things add up, and the fluid no longer does its job as well as it did when it was brand new. This puts additional wear and tear on the power steering fluid pump, and the entire power steering system.

So when your car makes strange noises when you turn the steering wheel, or turning the steering wheel requires more effort than it used to, or if it’s been 100,000 miles since the last power steering fluid change, bring your vehicle to our Stockton auto repair shop. We will inspect the system and change the power steering fluid if needed.

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