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Windshield Wipers Repair and Replacement in Stockton, CA

Windshield wipers may seem like a minor item, but at Toole’s Garage Stockton we consider them quite important, especially in winter. We offer complete car care at our Stockton auto repair facility, and so windshield wipers replacement is one of the services we offer.

Normally, as we drive our cars, we don’t think of windshield wipers until we get caught in a storm. If the wiper blades are past their prime and don’t remove dirt and water quickly, this can create a serious hazard for the driver, passengers, and the cars around them.

We recommend checking your wiper blades at least every 12 months, preferably in early September, so you have time to replace them before the winter rains. Wiper blades should be replaced every 12 to 24 months, the exact timing depends on their condition.

Wiper blades are subject to a number of factors that lessen their lifespan: sun’s UV rays damage the rubber, they endure large temperature variations – even in sunny California, they can go from sub-freezing temperatures to well over a hundred degrees ( your car parked in the sun acts as a sun collector – interior gets really hot, and through the windshield that heat is transferred to the wiper blades), and there is dirt and grime which act as abrasives when the windshield wipers are in use. To top it off, ozone in the air is not kind to rubber parts either.

If you wonder if wiper blades need replacement, you can do a visual inspection, see if there are strips of rubber separating from the wiper blade, or any cracks in the blade. It’s important to get the blades replaced, because eventually these pieces will fall off when the wipers are in use, and metal parts might scratch the windshield as they go through their back-and-forth motions. Another simple test: if the wiper blades make loud sounds when in use, they need to be replaced.

Naturally, we also offer repair and replacement of other wiper components, like the wiper motor or the wiper arm. If the wiper blades are “hesitant” to move, or move slowly even on a high-speed setting, chances are the wiper motor will need replacement. All repairs performed at our auto repair shop are backed by 3 year / 36,000 miles nationwide warranty.

We can inspect wiper blades for you at our Stockton auto repair garage - so next time you visit Toole’s Garage, whether for routine auto maintenance or for major repairs, mention the wiper blades and we will check them out for you.

You can make an appointment online, or call the shop directly and our staff will be happy to make an appointment We offer online appointments, or simply call the shop, we are happy to answer any questions, make an appointment that fits your schedule.

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