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Pre-Purchase Inspection in Stockton, CA

Stockton Pre-Purchase Inspection | Toole's Garage Stockton

Toole’s Garage offers Stockton pre purchase inspections. Buying a used car is froth with anxiety, risks and many unknowns. Having a professional on your side can lessen the risks, and give you a peace of mind when committing to a used vehicle purchase.

While buying a used car is usually a good financial decision, it’s good to have an objective professional inspect the vehicle to make sure that it does not hide major surprises. Out nationally ASE certified technicians will perform a professional digital vehicle inspection and provide you with an electronic copy of the inspection results, so you can be armed with independently obtained information when you negotiate with the seller. We not only provide the results of the inspection, but will also go over the results, explaining implications of any problems we might find, and potential cost to remedy these problems. Depending on what we find, you may wish to proceed with the transaction, ask the seller for price concessions (or to pay for fixing the problems), or you may forego the transaction altogether.

Toole’s Garage Stockton offers pre purchase inspections for a broad range of vehicles – from subcompacts, to compacts, sedans, SUVs, pickup trucks, as well as hybrid vehicles, including Toyota Prius hybrids. Our inspections cover all major systems of the car, including scanning vehicles onboard computer for stored trouble codes (computer may have stored trouble codes even though no warning lights are illuminated on the dashboard).

Here is a short list of the systems and components we check during the pre-purchase vehicle inspection:

  • Brakes
  • Suspension ( including shocks and struts)
  • Leaks – we look for signs of oil leaks, transmission fluid, or coolant leaks
  • Belts and hoses
  • Cooling system and radiator
  • Check levels and quality of the fluids
  • Electrical system
  • Scan computer for trouble codes
  • Check the high voltage battery (hybrid vehicles)
  • Tires ( we look for age, uneven tire wear, tire air pressure issues)
  • Research the database that holds repair history of millions of cars
  • Take the vehicle for a test drive to ascertain how it behaves under real world conditions

We are great believers in pre-purchase vehicle inspections. While we would like you to bring your vehicle to our Stockton auto repair shop, any professional auto repair shop should be able to provide you with a competent pre-purchase car inspection. Many a used car buyer had to spend thousands of dollars in expenses that could have been avoided had they asked for a second opinion from an auto repair professional. BTW: if the seller balks at the prospect of a pre-purchase inspection – we recommend looking for a different vehicle.

Our staff at Toole’s Garage Stockton is ready to help you with your major car purchase – give us a call at the shop and setup an appointment for a pre-purchase inspection.

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