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Stockton Used Hybrid Batteries

Many hybrid vehicle owners look for used hybrid batteries. This is perfectly understandable, as the cost of a new, or even of a used battery, can be rather high. That’s why at Toole’s Garage Stockton we want you to know your options, and their pros – and – cons. One of the frequent questions is: will the used hybrid battery I am buying be any better than the hybrid battery I am replacing. It is a perfectly valid question.

So if you noticed your hybrid vehicle losing fuel efficiency or the performance of your hybrid is becoming sluggish, then likely your hybrid vehicle will need some battery work.

Your options come down to following:

  1. Replace failing hybrid battery with a new hybrid battery – this is the highest cost solution, but you have a battery that’s likely to last as long as the original did, and carries OEM warranty.
  1. Have failing battery checked for failing cells, then replace failing cells with good cells from another battery.  While this is the least expensive solution, it has a huge drawback – there is no way to tell when some other cells in your hybrid battery will fail – likely soon, since your hybrid battery already suffered cell failures or you would not be opting for cell replacement. Typical warranty might be 6 months or less.
  1. Replace failing hybrid battery with a remanufactured battery. Remanufacturing process restores battery packs up to 95% of their original charge and energy. The remanufactured hybrid batteries come with warranties ranging from 12 months to 24 months, and cost less than the new hybrid battery. In our experience, this is not the best solution, as these batteries often fail right after the expiration of warranty.

Call us at the shop to further discuss hybrid battery option. We also recommend bringing in your vehicle for a hybrid battery inspection, even if it was already diagnosed by another shop. Many mechanics are not hybrid trained, and they can mistakenly blame hybrid battery for the fault codes they found. 

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