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Your hybrid is unique vehicle, and we understand that here at Toole's Garage! Although it's a unique car, it doesn't mean that your maintenance or service of your Honda Insight Hybrid service needs to be expensive. Your Honda Insight Hybrid services just need specifically-trained specialists to work on it. Our certified Hybrid-trained mechanics at Toole's Garage are proven experts in Stockon, and San Francisco area and we can assure you that our work is quality backed with our amazing warranty .

Our Stockon Hybrid Shop - The Hybrid Pros

Our exclusive technology can prevent your Hybrid from needing a new battery! Restore your hybrid battery to 95% of original condition and state of charge with an environmentally sound alternative to battery replacement. PLUS save $1,000 of dollars!

With our Comprehensive State of Health and Battery Conditioning Service, you will experience increased Fuel Economy, Vehicle Performance and Cost Savings!

Honda Insight Hybrid - Facts About your Car of the Future

Honda was the first automaker to introduce the hybrid vehicle sector to the United States when it began selling the Insight Hybrid in 1999. The first Insight Hybrid featured a hybrid power train, low emissions and efficiency but sacrificed attention to performance and exterior design. It was a two-seat hatchback and sales were predictably weak for that first generation in spite of impressive 60 MPG highway fuel efficiency ratings. 

The first generation Insight Hybrid used optimized aerodynamics to maximize fuel efficiency and lessen emissions. The lightweight aluminum body also helped to make the Insight Hybrid the most fuel-efficient vehicle on the road at the time. It was rather expensive to manufacture, but Honda never intended it to be a big seller. It was a test car for emerging hybrid technology and a real world experiment for consumer driving habits and preferences.  

Honda removed the Insight Hybrid from the market in 2006 and brought it back in 2010, much improved and far more marketable. The second-generation Honda Insight Hybrid is a four-door hatchback with seating for five adults. It has cargo space owners can use and styling that appeal to more mainstream buyers. 

The mileage is not as impressive, but 44 MPG still rates well with today’s gas prices. Given that the introductory price for the Insight Hybrid is under $20,000, the new Insight Hybrid is even more attractive. The decrease in mileage was the result of the increase in size, engine power and overall vehicle weight. However, Car and Driver still picked the Insight Hybrid as one of their most “fun to drive” cars thanks to its handling, steering, braking and transmission qualities. 

From 2011 through the current model year, Honda continued to give the Insight Hybrid improvements in styling, interior materials, stability and ride quality. Marketability improved as buyers in general identified hybrids as acceptable and even preferable cars to own.  The shape of the Insight Hybrid closely resembles its competitor, the Prius. 

The interior cabin of the Honda Insight Hybrid has been significantly improved, with more headroom and legroom for passengers and improved sound insulation. Even with the improvements, the Insight Hybrid is still the least expensive hybrid available in America. 

Unfortunately, Honda announced the 2015 model year would be the last for the Insight Hybrid due to slow sales. The automaker will continue to focus on other hybrid cars and alternative fuel vehicles that better meet US consumer desires. Throughout its production run, the Insight Hybrid won multiple awards for fuel efficiency, green vehicle, good design and cost of ownership. 

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