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Fuel Cap Replacement in Stockton

Fuel Cap Replacement in Stockton, CA - Toole's Garage Stockton

Did you know that a faulty fuel cap can cause your car’s computer to turn on the check engine light? It is an easy and inexpensive fix, but the check engine light can mean many things, so until you get your vehicle inspected by a professional and he confirms it’s only the fuel cap, it could signal all kinds of expensive repairs.

That’s why we recommend regular fuel cap inspection and test. You can do the inspection at home – just see if the fuel cap looks to be in good shape, and in particular, if the rubber seal is in good condition. When you bring your vehicle for the regular oil change or manufacturer recommended maintenance, we can perform a professional test of the fuel cap to check if it can properly seal your fuel tank. If the gas cap is not up to par, we can replace it right there, saving you an additional trip to the repair shop and stress of seeing the check engine light come on.

Fuel caps were invented to prevent fuel loss through evaporation and to keep contaminants out. Evaporation is a serious matter – it not only pollutes the atmosphere, but it can also lower the mileage by 2% - 5%. More recently, many manufacturers created locking fuel caps which are designed to prevent thieves from easily stealing gasoline from the gas tank in your car.

At Toole’s Garage in Stockton your vehicle will be professionally inspected, whether you bring it for routine oil change or major repairs. We offer hundreds of auto repair services, including fuel cap testing. So next time you bring your vehicle to our Stockton auto repair shop, mention the fuel cap, and we will be happy to test it for you, and if need be, to install a new one.

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