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GMC Service and Repair in Stockton, CA

Welcome to Toole’s Garage Stockton, the premier GMC service and repair shop in Stockton, CA. At Toole’s Garage we offer complete GMC maintenance services and repairs – whether your GMC Sierra 1500 diesel needs new glow plugs, your GMC Savanna van needs new brake pads, or your GMC Acadia needs a checkup the ski trip.  We provide comprehensive GMC services and repair for residents of Stockton, Lodi, and French Camp. Whether your GMC needs check engine light diagnostics, suspension repairs, or engine work, our friendly staff will take care of you and your vehicle.

Regular maintenance is recommended for all vehicles, including your GMC. It keeps your vehicle in top condition, extends its lifespan, and allows our technicians to perform inspections designed to catch problems before they develop into major repairs or failures on the road. Naturally we also suggest following manufacturer recommended service schedule.

If you regularly service your GMC at Toole’s Garage Stockton, it will fulfill requirements to keep manufacturer warranty in place.

When you bring your GMC to our family owned and operated Stockton auto repair shop, you will be greeted by our friendly staff, while our nationally ASE certified technicians will inspect, service, and repair your vehicle. You can anticipate:  

● 36 month / 36,000 mils nationwide warranty for your peace of mind

● Original Equipment equivalent or better quality parts

● Nationally ASE certified mechanics working on your GMC

● Local Lyft/Uber for your convenience

● Electronic copy of our complimentary digital vehicle inspection


Toole’s Garage Stockton is a full service auto repair facility that works on gasoline and diesel powered vehicles, so you can bring your SUV, pickup truck or GMC to our Stockton auto repair facility knowing it will be in the highly capable hands of our nationally ASE certified technicians. We work on most GMC vehicles, including:

GMC Yukon was named the Most Dependable Large SUV in 2015 and 2016 by J.D. Power and Associates seat as many as 8 passengers. It’s been in production since 1991. It’s a solid design, and of the recent models, 2007 had problems with excessive oil consumption, while 2015 model had problems with air conditioning.

GMC Savana Cargo and Passenger van – if you need to transport cargo or multiple passengers, GMC van is the way to go. GMC Savana Passenger van can seat 12, while GMC Savana Cargo van can carry a driver, passenger, and 3000 pounds of cargo. They’ve been around since 1996 and we are not seeing any major problem reports.

GMC Sierra 1500 is tough and reliable, and has been with us for decades. We do recommend regular maintenance for your hard-working truck. 2014 Sierra 1500 had problems with leaking air conditioning condenser. Overall, though, we see few reports of recurring problems.

GMC Sierra 2500 has 18500 lb. tow rating, and almost 4000 lb. payload capacity. Reliable and tough, with only 2011 Sierra 2500 suffering from occasional fuel pump failure. We do recommend regular maintenance on all vehicles, but for pickup trucks in particular. They work hard and needs to be regularly inspected and maintained.

GMC Sierra 3500 with towing capability up to 20000 lb. and payload just over 4000lb. is a step up on the power scale. 2015 GMC Sierra 3500 had headlights problems, but overall we see very few complaints.

GMC Canyon is a medium-size pickup truck, introduced in 2004. It has a respectable towing capability – just over 7000lb.  GMC Canyon seems to have recurring transmission problems – 2015, 2016 and 2018 models. Other than that, we don’t see many problem reports. As with all vehicles, we recommend regular service to keep you GMC Canyon humming.

GMC Terrain suffered from transmission problems early on. More recent models appear to have left these problems behind, and   J.D. Power and Associates named GMC Terrain “2015 Most Dependable Compact SUV”.

GMC Acadia, a mid-size crossover SUV, can tow up to 4000lb., and can comfortably seat 7.  While the 2007 and 2008 Acadia suffered from transmission issues and engine problems, these problems are a thing of the past. 2010 GMC Acadia had problems with the timing chain wearing out prematurely, but newer Acadia models present few recurring problems.

Toole’s Garage Stockton is a family owned and family operated full service auto repair shop that serves Stockton-Lodi area. Our auto repair facility offers hundreds of automotive repairs and services, as well as comprehensive auto diagnostic services.  The list below offers only a glimpse of what our shop can do for your vehicle:

  • tail light replacement
  • brake fluid flush
  • fuel injection repair
  • no-start diagnostics
  • heater core replacement
  • road force balancing
  • AC system recharge
  • mechanical and suspension repairs
  • battery replacement
  • drivability issues
  • CV joint replacement
  • CV/axle and control arm replacement
  • warning light diagnostics
  • timing belt and drive belt replacement
  • valve cover gasket replacement
  • battery system testing
  • hybrid battery replacement
  • head light replacement
  • drivetrain repair
  • auto a/c condenser replacement
  • air conditioning repair
  • fuel injector cleaning & service
  • check engine light diagnostics
  • brake service and repair
  • brake inspection
  • TPMS sensor replacement
  • wiper blade replacement
  • suspension repair
  • chassis repair
  • alternator testing and replacement
  • anti-lock brake service & diagnostics
  • computerized wheel alignment
  • pre-purchase inspection
  • driveline repair & maintenance
  • ignition switch replacement
  • brake fluid exchange
  • starting & charging diagnosis
  • diagnose & repair tire pressure monitoring systems
  • drum and rotor service
  • transmission replacement
  • catalytic converter replacement

So bring your GMC to Toole’s Garage Stockton – whether for minor service, complex diagnostics or major repairs – our technicians will treat your vehicle as if it were our own. We offer convenient appointments on our website, or you can simply call us at the shop.


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