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Acura A Service – Is It Really Only an Oil Change?

When your Acura computer displays “A” service code, is it really just oil change? Well… yes and no. Yes, “A” service does mean oil change, but with oil change also comes oil filter change. And then there are additional modifications – digits that follow the code. They tell us what additional maintenance items or inspections are to be performed.

Code A1 means oil change, oil filter change, tire pressure check and tire rotation.

Code A2 means not just oil change and oil filter change, but also replacing dust and pollen filter, and checking driving belt.

Code A3 ads transfer fluid and transmission fluid (where applicable) replacement to the oil and oil filter change.

Code A4 is the big one – in addition to oil and filter change, it also indicates spark plugs replacement, as well as valve clearance inspection, water pump inspection and timing belt replacement (when replacing timing belt, we also recommend replacing the water pump).

Code A5 means oil change and coolant flush and replacement.

Code A6 ads rear differential fluid replacement (where applicable) to the oil change.

Naturally we have access to all manufacturer information, so you don’t have to remember what the codes mean – we follow manufacturer recommendations and we add a number of our own inspections to make sure your Acura is in top shape.  

When the time comes for your Acura’s A service, give us a call. We can provide you with details of the service, and confirm your appointment during the call as well.

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