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Power Window Repair in Stockton CA

Toole’s Garage Stockton can provide comprehensive car care for your vehicle. We can provide complex diagnostics and major repairs – as well as something seemingly simple, yet so important – power windows repair. There are many issues that can negatively impact your ability to bring the car window up or down: the motor itself may be at fault, or a switch, or the regulator which moves the window up or down, or the fuse. So if your vehicle’s window is slowing down or not moving at all, call our Stockton auto repair shop to get your car’s windows problems diagnosed and repaired. At Tool’s Garage we offer not only friendly customer service, but also technical excellence – our technicians are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). So we can diagnose not just power window problems, but also any other problem that your vehicle may exhibit. As for power window failure, it is a fairly common issue, so if you notice ... read more

Brake Calipers Repair and Replacement in Stockton CA

At Toole’s Garage Stockton we offer comprehensive automotive services including brake calipers service and replacement. Brake calipers are an integral part of the braking system. They press the brake pads against the rotors to generate the friction that slows down, and ultimately, stops your vehicle. Brake calipers are designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle – that is unless something happens that causes them to not function at the optimal level. In some cases, service will include cleaning and lubrication, but in other cases brake caliper replacement will be the right solution. Some symptoms that may indicate brake caliper problem include: Car pulls to one side Leaking brake fluid Uneven brake wear Strange noise when braking   So if your vehicle exhibits any of these symptoms, bring it to Toole’s Garage Stockton for a professional brake inspection. Our technicians are certified b ... read more

BMW Service and Repair in Stockton

For any owner of the Ultimate Driving Machine, Toole’s Garage in Stockton will be a welcome change from the dealership experience.  Our friendly service advisors will take the time to answer your questions, and to set up an appointment that fits your schedule. For your convenience we also offer local shuttle, and all services and repairs performed on your BMW are covered by our nationwide 36 month / 36,000 mile warranty. Whether your BMW needs regular service, check engine light diagnostics, oil leak repair or is facing major engine problems, our highly skilled technicians, certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) will use state-of-the-art digital diagnostic tools to find the root cause of any problems your vehicle may exhibit. Once we know the root cause, we will provide you with a written estimate of the needed repairs – whether you drive BMW M3, BMW 330i, 528i, BMW X5 or Z4, we will take great care of your vehicle. If you own a cl ... read more

Mini Cooper Oil Leak Repair in Stockton CA

Mini Cooper vehicles are fun to drive but they’ve been known to develop oil leaks. At Toole’s Garage Stockton we offer complete Mini Cooper services including oil leak repair. So how can you tell if your Mini is leaking oil? Oil spots in the garage or on the driveway are, obviously, a dead giveaway (check that it’s oil, not just water from the ac system condensation). But monitoring oil level is also a good practice. If you notice that you have to add engine oil between regular oil changes, it may indicate an oil leak – let your mechanic know at the next oil change. If the oil is leaking on the engine part that gets hot, you may smell a strong, pungent odor from the engine area. If you notice any of these symptoms, let us know when you bring your Mini for a checkup. Common Areas/Causes of Mini Cooper Oil Leaks Damaged components, like O-rings or valve cover gasket are prime suspects when it comes to oil leaks. Worn out seals, like the crankshaft seal, could ... read more

Prius Water Pump Replacement in Stockton CA

Prius vehicles are famous for their reliability and low maintenance costs. But there is one Prius repair that you are likely to encounter if you own a Prius - water pump replacement. At Toole's Garage Stockton we offer full range of Prius and hybrid services and repairs, including water pump replacement. Prius vehicles have multiple water pumps, and given that a typical Prius can last for over 300,000 miles with proper maintenance, there is a high probability that water pump replacement will be in the cards. At Toole's Garage in Stockton we offer comprehensive Prius services, including diagnostics and repairs. So if your Prius exhibits symptoms that make you uneasy, bring it to our Stockton auto care facility, and our nationally ASE certified technicians will make your Prius well again. Whether your Prius needs inverter coolant pump replacement, or the heater core pump is failing, or the engine water pump needs to be replaced - our technicians will diagnose the problem and ge ... read more

Prius Inverter Replacement in Stockton CA

Toole's Garage is the premier hybrid repair shop in Stockton, so it's only natural that we service and repair a lot of Prius vehicles. We are big fans - that's for sure. Properly maintained Prius can easily go 300,000 miles or more. During that time it may need inverter replacement. Prius inverters have had their share of problems, and a while back Toyota even issues a recall for inverter related issues. Many vehicles had the work completed, but many may have sustained thermal damage before the recall was issued. As a result, these inverters may have to be replaced. This is in addition to inverter failure due to age and use - an event that is to be expected due to the longevity of Prius vehicles. Typical symptoms that may indicate possible inverter failure include power steering warning turning "on" as well as hybrid system warning. Our nationally ASE certified technicians can diagnose these warnings and let you know if the inverter is indeed the cause of these ... read more

Prius Head Gasket Replacement in Stockton CA

If you own a Gen 3 Prius, head gasket replacement may be in the cards. That’s because Gen 3s are prone to head gasket failures. Fortunately, at Toole’s Garage Stockton we are hybrid specialists, so we can take great care of your Prius, and should it turn out that it needs head gasket replacement, our nationally ASE certified technicians have the skill, state-of-the-art digital tools, and experience to make your Prius healthy again. At Toole’s Garage in Stockton we offer comprehensive Prius services and repairs. Head gasket replacement is only one of, literally, hundreds of Prius services and repairs we perform. Since Prius head gasket replacement is a major repair, we will diagnose your vehicle to make sure that head gasket replacement is what it truly needs.  Our technicians, certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), will get to the root cause of the problem, before we ask you to authorize any repairs. Typical symptoms of a ... read more

BMW Service and Repair in Stockton, CA

BMW, the Ultimate Driving Machine, truly is a marvel of German engineering. But like all vehicles, it requires regular service and maintenance. At Toole’s Garage Stockton we offer complete BMW maintenance and repairs. Whether your 328i needs new brake pads, or your BMW M3 has the check engine light on, our nationally ASE certified technicians will find to cause and get your vehicle repaired – so it can again live up to its slogan – the Ultimate Driving Machine. At Toole’s Garage Stockton, a family owned and operated auto care facility, we use state-of-the-art digital diagnostic tools, and combine our extensive experience with latest repair database information, so that we can fix your car right the first time. We offer OE quality parts, and thus can offer an industry leading 36 month / 36,000 mile nationwide warranty on all repairs performed at our Downtown Stockton auto repair facility. For your convenience we offer free local shuttle, inviting waiting area, c ... read more

MINI Cooper Service and Repair in Stockton, CA

When it’s time to pamper your MINI a bit, call Toole’s Garage Stockton. We offer comprehensive Mini Cooper maintenance services and repairs. Whether your Mini Cooper S needs new spark plugs, or Mini Clubman requires clutch replacement, our nationally ASE certified technicians will take care of your Mini as if it were our own. Toole’s Garage Stockton is a family owned and operated auto care facility in Downtown Stockton, CA. We offer complete MINI Cooper care, from oil service to check engine light diagnostics, to transmission issues, to major engine repairs. Our highly skilled technicians will use cutting-edge digital tools to diagnose and repair your vehicle. With all services and repairs we also offer free digital vehicle inspection, so you are up-to-date on the condition of your Mini. At Toole’s Garage we use OE quality parts, have access to the latest technical information, and can offer your Mini quality services and repairs. We back our work with industr ... read more

Mechanic Near Me in Stockton, CA

Searching for "mechanic near me" in Stockton will yield a variety of auto repair shops, but how to decide which one to select? We thought about it ourselves, and here is a list of a few indicators – if the “mechanic near me” you found fits these criteria, there is a good chance you found an auto repair garage that will serve you well. Here are a few indicators to look for: First thing is to check their Yelp and Google ratings and reviews. Both what the reviewers say, as well as the responses from the shop. Does the auto repair shop work on the brands you own? Some shops specialize in a narrow range of vehicles, for example German only, or only Japanese vehicles. Do they employ mechanics that are ASE certified? Does the shop offer Digital Vehicle Inspections? Digital vehicle inspections are a hint that the shop has well defined processes, and offers transparency and plenty of information for their clients. Does the shop’s website mention digital ... read more

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