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Audi Timing Belt Replacement in Stockton, CA

Even though Audi, along with many other manufacturers, has started using timing chains, there are still plenty of Audi vehicles that use the timing belt. It synchronizes engine’s camshaft and crankshaft, regulating the opening and closing of the valves and pistons. At Toole’s Garage Stockton we offer extensive Audi maintenance services and repairs, and timing belt replacement is among the most important. Due to old age and long usage, the timing belt may become worn out and will need to be replaced. One should never ignore a worn-out timing belt as it could break, results in potential engine damage.

Given the severity of problems that a broken timing belt can generate, we highly recommend being proactive when it comes to timing belt replacement. The rule of thumb is that a timing belt should be replaced every 100,000 miles or so. But you should check Owner’s Manual for your particular model to find out at what intervals the timing belt should be replaced. As an alternative, you can bring your vehicle to Toole’s Garage in Stockton – we will inspect the timing belt to make sure it’s not cracking or facing imminent failure, and will look up timing belt replacement interval for your particular Audi model.

Timing belt replacement requires disassembly of a number of components - it’s a complex job that takes time and considerable skill. At Toole’s Garage we offer 36 months / 36,000 mile nationwide warranty on all repairs performed by our nationally ASE certified technicians. So give us a call and we will be happy to schedule an appointment to take great care of your Audi.

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