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Audi Timing Chain Replacement in Stockton, CA

Audi timing belt replacement is a normal part of maintenance. But what if your Audi has a timing chain, not a timing belt? Timing chains are supposed to last for the lifetime of the vehicle, right?  The short answer is “yes and no”. In principle, a timing chain should last for as long as the car is drivable. But in real life, we run into problems that shorten the useful lifespan of a timing chain. As a result, the need for timing chain replacement for your Audi is a real possibility.

Timing chains rarely break, but they do stretch. A stretched timing chain (or incorrectly functioning timing chain tensioner) can result in a failure to synchronize opening and closing of the valves with the movement of the pistons. If they get out of synch, it could cause catastrophic engine damage.

Signs of a loose timing chain:

  • The engine is rattling while idling or during startup: You know what your car should sound like when you start it. If you hear a rattle on startup, it could be timing chain issue.
  • Engine misfires: Your engine might be misfiring while you’re driving because if the timing chain is stretched.
  • Problems starting the engine: If you have a loose timing chain it can cause engine starting problems.

Any of the above signs should result in a call to your friendly local mechanic. Even though these symptoms may be caused by different conditions, not only stretched timing chain, they are serious enough to address immediately.

At Toole’s Garage Stockton we can offer professional inspection and diagnostics, so you will know exactly what is wrong with your Audi and what it will take to repair it. Our nationally ASE certified technicians can get your Audi fixed and back on the road – and we back their work with a nationwide 36 months / 36,000 miles warranty. So if your Audi is causing you unease, call us to make an appointment.

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