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Mini Cooper Oil Leak Repair in Stockton CA

Mini Cooper vehicles are fun to drive but they’ve been known to develop oil leaks. At Toole’s Garage Stockton we offer complete Mini Cooper services including oil leak repair.

So how can you tell if your Mini is leaking oil?

Oil spots in the garage or on the driveway are, obviously, a dead giveaway (check that it’s oil, not just water from the ac system condensation). But monitoring oil level is also a good practice. If you notice that you have to add engine oil between regular oil changes, it may indicate an oil leak – let your mechanic know at the next oil change. If the oil is leaking on the engine part that gets hot, you may smell a strong, pungent odor from the engine area. If you notice any of these symptoms, let us know when you bring your Mini for a checkup.

Common Areas/Causes of Mini Cooper Oil Leaks

Damaged components, like O-rings or valve cover gasket are prime suspects when it comes to oil leaks. Worn out seals, like the crankshaft seal, could be the culprit. Other areas and components that could be the source of oi leaks include engine oil and oil filter housing, or the turbocharger and the turbo oil feed pipe.

The oil leak may be small at first, but it will get worse with time. We are all busy and it’s easy to forget it until things get worse - running out of engine oil will damage the engine and require engine replacement.  We recommend that you make an appointment as soon as you suspect an oil leak – our nationally ASE certified mechanics will inspect your Mini and make it well again. Call us at our Stockton auto care shop or make an appointment online.

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