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Prius Inverter Replacement in Stockton CA

Toole's Garage is the premier hybrid repair shop in Stockton, so it's only natural that we service and repair a lot of Prius vehicles. We are big fans - that's for sure. Properly maintained Prius can easily go 300,000 miles or more. During that time it may need inverter replacement.

Prius inverters have had their share of problems, and a while back Toyota even issues a recall for inverter related issues. Many vehicles had the work completed, but many may have sustained thermal damage before the recall was issued. As a result, these inverters may have to be replaced. This is in addition to inverter failure due to age and use - an event that is to be expected due to the longevity of Prius vehicles.

Typical symptoms that may indicate possible inverter failure include power steering warning turning "on" as well as hybrid system warning. Our nationally ASE certified technicians can diagnose these warnings and let you know if the inverter is indeed the cause of these symptoms. If it turns out that we need to replace the inverter, we can do so usually the same day, and all repairs are covered by our nationwide 3 year / 36,000 mile warranty.

So if you Prius warning light indicates inverter problems, or you are uneasy about your Prius for any reason, call Toole's Garage in Stockton - our friendly service advisors will be happy to make an appointment that fits your schedule, and we will get your Prius checked out and ready for the road.


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