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Toyota Ignition Coil Replacement in Stockton, CA

Toole’s Garage in Stockton is a family owned and operated independent auto care facility that can provide your Toyota with full range of services and repairs, including ignition coil replacement.

Ignition coils play vital role in your vehicle’s life – they transform low voltage electricity into high voltage electricity that’s required for the spark plugs to generate the sparks that ignite air-fuel mixture in the cylinders. When ignition coils start failing, spark plugs do not get the high voltage electricity they require, and your Toyota will likely suffer engine misfires, and the onboard computer will illuminate the check engine light.

Fortunately ignition coil replacement is not a complex repair, and parts are readily available, so our nationally ASE certified technicians can usually perform diagnostics and repairs in a single day. You can drop off your vehicle in the morning, and pick it up in the afternoon fixed and ready to serve you well. All repairs performed by our technicians carry  3 year / 36,000 miles warranty – nationwide.

When you bring your Toyota to our Stockton auto care facility we will not only fix the problem you indicated, but will also perform a free digital vehicle inspection and provide you with an electronic copy, including pictures, so that you are up-to-date on the overall condition of your Toyota.

So if your Toyota needs ignition coil replacement, or any other service or repair, bring it to Toole’s Garage Stockton, and our friendly staff will take great care of you and your vehicle. Call us to make an appointment.


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