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What Are 3 Symptoms of Water Pump Damage?

Your water pump is a component that is housed under the hood, and it is responsible for keeping your car running efficiently. Your car's engine is made up of various parts that are constantly moving, which can generate an intense amount of friction and heat. The water pump intervenes by helping the coolant travel from the radiator to the rest of the engine system to keep everything at a stable temp.


When you have a damaged water pump, your engine is very likely to overheat. Furthermore, it can cause unrecoverable damage to the cylinder heads, gaskets, and pistons. There are three major symptoms that your car may display if you have a broken water pump:

#1: Coolant Leak

The water pump has seals and gaskets to manage a consistent coolant flow from the radiator to the engine block. Over time, these pump parts can loosen up, wear out, split, or crack, allowing the coolant to leak out and possibly onto the ground. If you notice a bright-colored fluid underneath where you parked, please do not wait to get professional help.

#2: Rust and Deposit on Water Pump

If you open the hood, you may be able to see physical deterioration on the water pump, such as rust and grime. Water pumps are also prone to rust if you utilize the wrong type of coolant or when the pressure cup is faulty. 

#3: Strange Noises

If you hear a whining noise from under the hood, it might be your water pump or a part related to your cooling system. You might want to have one of our auto experts at Toole's Garage take a look.


A coolant leak related to a damaged water pump is not something to ignore. If you need an inspection of your cooling system to ensure everything is intact, we welcome you to Toole's Garage in Stockton, CA. 

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