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What is 30/60/90K Vehicle Maintenance?

The best way to keep your vehicle safe, healthy, and in good condition is to take it to a reliable auto repair shop for maintenance. When thinking about your vehicle’s needs and services, 30/60/90k maintenance might come to mind. Having your car serviced every 30,000 miles as prescribed by many different vehicle manufacturers is a good rule of thumb when it comes to taking care of your car overall. 


What is 30/60/90K Vehicle Maintenance?

30/60/90K vehicle maintenance means having your vehicle serviced every 30,000 miles, despite whether or not there is something seemingly 'wrong' with your car. People may be deterred from this type of maintenance as a money-making ploy, but it couldn't be farther from the truth. Having your car regularly serviced can uncover symptomless issues with your vehicle, and help to avoid costly repairs further down the road. No pun intended!


Benefits of 30/60/90K Vehicle Maintenance

  • Keeping a Well-Maintained Car - It's no secret that well-maintained cars tend to make the most when they are re-sold in the future. Preventative maintenance also helps you to fix problems early on, ensuring you pay as little as possible for the issue instead of having a large bill for an ignored car in months to come.
  • Cost-Efficient - Having your car serviced every 30,000 miles will keep your car running as efficiently as possible. This allows you to save a significant amount of money on gas and potential repairs.
  • Better Performance - If you've ever driven a poorly maintained car, you will know how different of a drive it is to a regularly maintained vehicle. The brakes may be slightly off, the tires could be going bare not allowing you to turn as efficiently as possible, etc. It just isn't a nice experience! Driving a well-maintained car is the best - you can be confident on the road knowing your car is running smoothly and safely.

Next Steps

When it comes to 30/60/90K maintenance for your vehicle, it's important to go to an auto repair shop that you count on like Toole’s Garage Stockton. If you're in need of service after 30,000 miles in Stockton, CA, we invite you to bring your vehicle to our trusted auto repair shop today!

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