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What Is a Cooling System Flush?

Temperatures fluctuate and can sometimes change rapidly. When this happens or when the summer brings its sweltering heat your car may need some help adjusting. Cars creates a lot of energy, mainly heat energy. This heat energy is controlled by a cooling system. Without this system cars would overheat very quickly and cause irreprable damage to other parts of the car including the engine. Cooling systems use antifreeze to keep the engine's temperature at a constant. Antifreeze is a fliud that contains 50% distilled water and 50% ethylene glycol. This fliud can withstand temperatures bellow zero degrees and above 250 degrees without freezing or boiling.

When is it Time to Flush Out Your Cooling System?

There are several common signs a car may present when it is time to flush out your cooling system.

  • Temperature Gauge: If your temperature gauge located on your dash board is always high and your car overheats frequently then it is time to flush and replace the coolant.
  • Sweet Smell: Antifreeze is made of ethylene glycol, which can smell sweet when burned. If your antifreeze is getting burnt then it is not doing its job and needs to be replaced.
  • Fluid Leak: If you find a blue or orange liquid under your hood you may have a leak and therefore your cooling system won't have its necessary coolant levels.
  • Maintenance: Check your owner's manual for guidance on a maintenance schedule. It may tell you how often coolant should be replaced or what kind of coolant is best for your vehicle.

How To Fix a Cooling System Issue

Sometime adding more antifreeze can temporarily resolve cooling problems. However, this is not a long term solution especially if you have a leak. By taking your car to a mechanic and getting a complete flush you can ensure there are no other problems and the technician can add fresh antifreeze with a conditioner to keep your cooling system protected for longer.

If you need a cooling system flush, our technicians invite you to bring you vehicle down to Toole's Garage Stockton today!

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