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Why Does My Brake Pedal Feel Spongy?

Seeking remedies for spongy brakes? The brake pedal should have a firm feel when depressed.

If it is soft and spongy, there is a problem, and because brakes are an essential component of vehicle control, you should have your vehicle inspected immediately to determine the problem.

This article will examine the symptoms and causes of a soft brake pedal. We will also discuss how to keep your brakes in pristine condition.

Symptoms Of Spongy Brakes

Spongy brakes can be a sign that your car's brake system has some issues, and you need to get it inspected as soon as possible. If your brake pedals keep sinking, it's a tell-tale sign that the brakes in your vehicle are not working properly. Some cars have a built-in dashboard light that lights up when the brake system is compromised.

Common Causes Of Spongy Brakes

  • You may have moisture build up from brake fluids that absorb over time. A mechanic will help you flush the brakes (this is commonly called brake bleeding).
  • Low brake fluid can disturb the hydraulic system of your brakes and make your brake pedals sink to the floor.
  • Since brake lines are usually made of steel tubing, they can rust from road salt and wear-and-tear, which can lead to a brake line leak.
  • Damage to the master cylinder in a drum brake system can lead to a loss of hydraulic pressure, making your brake pedal feel soft.
  • A faulty brake booster can also cause a spongy pedal if it's full of fluid, hampering its abilities.

However, if you are already on the road and experience spongy brakes, this is because our vehicle's brake master cylinder is unable to generate the pressure for effective braking.

Pumping the brake pedal rapidly should generate sufficient pressure to safely stop the vehicle on the roadside.


Always rely on the expertise of a professional to complete brake repairs. They can identify any brake system leaks and bleed your brakes using specialized equipment.

If you need brake repairs, you are welcome to bring your vehicle to Toole's Garage Stockton or call us today!

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