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Why Is My Car A/C Blowing Warm Air?

When the California sun heats up your car, you want to make sure your air conditioner is blowing cool air to keep you and your passengers comfortable throughout your drive. If you turn it on just to feel warm and hot air, then it can be unbearable. There are several reasons why your vehicle’s air conditioner stops blowing cold air. Read on to learn more about A/C recharges.

Why Is My Car A/C Blowing Warm Air?

Every vehicle needs a sufficient supply of refrigerant to make cold air. Refrigerant is like the fuel for your engine – without this chemical, it can’t cool down the air. Refrigerant gets passed through the compressor to pump cool air for you and others to enjoy. When you bring your vehicle to Toole’s Garage, the first thing we will likely test is your refrigerant levels. 


Low levels of this cooling substance can be attributed to many things, including leaky seals. A common culprit is an A/C compressor since it is the part that spreads the refrigerant throughout the system. Last but not least, our techs will check your air filters to see if anything has gotten stuck in them to make your A/C stop working right.



It is important to point out that your vehicle’s electrical system does power the A/C system. If wires break or other electrical parts no longer supply the power, the refrigerant may not be able to pass through the compressor and cool your air. A certified mechanic at our auto repair shop can check all of these connections and A/C components to determine the cause of your hot A/C. 


How to Fix Warm A/C If Refrigerant is Low

When the levels of the cooling factor are low, you have to refill your vehicle with more. This service is called an A/C recharge, and it can make sure your cabin can be cooled off with cold air. This job requires state-of-the-art recharging machines and other specialized equipment to do it right. 


When your vehicle’s air conditioner is not working the way it used to, please call or visit the experts at Toole’s Garage in Stockton, CA. We are proud to be the trusted source for quality auto A/C repairs.


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